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Our Online Self-Assessment Program

The Platinum Rule® Leadership Assessment

Mastering one important skill—adaptive communications—will help you become a charismatic, effective leader that others want to follow.

Paying attention to the mode in which the other person is currently operating in will give you immediate insight into how they wish to be coached, trained, counseled and/or motivated!

Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people effortlessly, while with others it’s like oil and water? That’s because there are four primary behavioral style modalities – Directing, Thinking, Relating and Socializing – each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. The observable behaviors are across two dimensions – Openness (open versus guarded) and Directness (direct versus indirect). Once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlock your ability to get along with nearly anyone.

Leadership 360 Assessment

Dynamic, effective leaders are constantly honing their skills and investing in their own personal development.

The Leadership 360 Assessment is based on eight leadership abilities that are demonstrated by outstanding leaders. The Leadership360 survey is a powerful and significant tool that will help you improve your leadership effectiveness. It measures your current attitudes and abilities in eight major leadership abilities.

If you are an upper-level leader or executive, you will benefit from reassessing the leadership qualities that brought you to your current position.

As a supervisor or mid-level leader, you’ll identify your current strengths and the areas where you need to improve.

As a new and developing leader, you’ll have a clear set of guideposts
on which to base your growth.

The Leadership Effectiveness Profile (LEP)

Out of the hundreds or thousands of human behaviors, there are only a handful that can be directly tied to outstanding leadership.

Our Leadership Effectiveness online assessment focuses on eight most-often-cited behaviors or attitudes. We will refer to them as “competencies” or competency areas; the main factors that generally determine the relative success of an individual’s efforts to lead others in a wide variety of situations, ranging from leading a soccer team or a Fortune 500 company to leading an ad-hoc team of citizens pushing for a new school.

DISC styles 360

DISCstyle™ Online Report

An indisputable fact is that people prefer to interact with people they like. The ability to create rapport with people is a fundamental skill in sales, management, personal relationships, and everyday life. The goal of the DISCstyles is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships. You do not have to change your personality; you simply have to understand what drives people and recognize your options for effectively dealing with them. DISCstylesteaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships: business, social and family.

The DISCstyles online assessment is a resource for individuals and organizations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people.

Unlike many other behavioral assessments, our 34-page reports are as much  as they are descriptive! In other words, we spend as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal interactions as we do describing your natural DISC behavioral style. We realize that you are about to invest money and time in our online assessment, so we want you to come away with fast, effective learning strategies that get you results immediately.