Executives and Managers Program

Molude 1

Module 1 focuses on eight of the most-often-cited behaviors or attitudes. We will refer to them as “competencies” or competency areas. These are acknowledged as the main factors that generally determine the relative success of an individual’s efforts to lead others in a wide variety of situations.

Intention: Identify overall strength/weaknesses in 8 leadership competencies:

· Emotional intelligence – being tuned into what someone else is going through

· Contextual thinking – getting the big picture without getting lost in the details

· Directional clarity – how to give clear directions

· Creative assimilation – brainstorming, value of team working together

· Change orchestration – people enablement

· People enablement – expectations, measurement, consequences

· Reciprocal communication – listening to the comments and observations of others as well as instructing and advising them

· Driving persistence – getting people to keep going instead of giving up

Molude 2

Module 2 focuses on eight leadership abilities that are demonstrated by outstanding leaders. Phase 2 is designed to help the executive team further improve their leadership effectiveness. We will address and measure current attitudes and abilities in eight major leadership abilities.

Intention: 360 degree feedback to see yourself as others see you – measuring current attitudes and abilities in the following areas:

· Communication Skills – effective use of language

· Decision Making – making choices and influencing others

· Promoting Innovation and Change – adapting behaviors and work methods

· Working Relationships – working effectively to achieve organizational goals

· Leadership Skills – building trust and commitment, mentoring

· Coaching Skills – continually challenging people to improve performance

· Utilizing the Strengths of Others and Self – developing and using strengths

· Team Development – influencing groups of diverse individuals

Molude 3

Intention: Target specific leadership categories that need to be addressed more directly and strengthened so that there is a full integration of the leadership competency areas.

· Benchmark existing and new skills with hands-on practice sessions

· Reenforce fundamental distinctions regarding what it means to lead

· Review innovations and initiatives that result in extraordinary performance

· Review systems and strategies to ensure the success of those powerful initiatives that build the organization